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This has definitely been my favorite purchase! Thanks again for great communication and fast shipping!!


 My FTG K40 arrived today. all I can say is WOW! this thing is so darn nice. best $$ I have spent on my laser in awhile. I have not hooked it up yet. As I plan on doing the 3 way switch. so Ill need to do a little soldering etc. but Million thanks to Joe! You are a true asset. Okay time to go play with the new toy! What a friggen deal! its like Christmas all over again


Love my new rotary. This thing is awesome. Thanks Joe Fel. Awesome service and quick shipping


Few cups i did today and the rotary worked great!


I had a chance to test the rotary axis today and all I can say is both the rotary axis and support from Joe is awesome, Thank you and Happy Holidays to everyone.


The fact that this machine is so awesome, practical and works wonderfull makes every owner of it be able to make great projects.


 I have one and love it. You won’t regret it

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